GPS Phone Tracker MSniffer – Never Lose Your Cell Phone Again!

GPS Phone Tracker AppMobile phones have become a common need for people all around the world, and it is not difficult to see why. They help you keep in touch with your friends and family, make your life easier, and give you easier access to entertainment. The pain of losing your cell phone is therefore something you do not want to experience, because all your important data is in there.

That brings attention to mobile phone trackers, because you might be in need of mobile tracking software for the unfortunate incidents of your phone getting stolen or lost. Among all the apps you can use, the MSniffer cell phone GPS tracker app is among the best technologies you can use – and it is free. What is even better is that you can use it in multiple devices – iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS-X. The main purpose for it is giving its users an accurate mapping system to locate certain devices.

How The Process is Made Possible

MSniffer AppThe working mechanism involves a unique GPS system, which works together with GPS satellites all over the world. These satellites send signals that detect calls from specific mobile devices when the app is active. The user will then get information that the cell phone they are looking for is in a specific location, as well as the map to get to it.

Because of the exploits that each satellite devices have within their source code, this technology is able to work. The only requirement is developing a program, which can act similar to a GPS system on a satellite, including operating using the same frequency.

This is similar to how a radio station operates when you are trying to make a connection, because you must get the correct frequency. The only difference is that satellite signals will not be as open as that of radio signals.

Why Consider Using it

You can stand to gain numerous benefits when you use satellite technology to track your cell phone and other mobile devices. Everyone who is living a modern lifestyle today has a cell phone, so it is now easier than ever to track the location of anyone anywhere in the world.
This comes with its own pros and cons, which we will explain below.


Track your children and their phones
Regardless of the kind of child you have, you should keep an eye on them using GPS – whether they are the honest type or not. You may not need complicated phone tracking applications to spy on their activity, though.

Note that if your child has an iPhone that has iOS versions of 5 or higher, they already have the tracking app on their phones, and the same is the case for newer Androids. The only thing you need to do is turn them on.

Again, you may not need to tell them whether you have activated the tracking app, because many kids will adjust their behavior once they notice their parents are checking their activities closely. Many more will attempt to lie to you frequently and use other deceitful methods to bypass the system. For example, they decide to leave their phones at a friends’ place then they go somewhere else.
Regardless of how you choose to approach the matter, you can always connect the app to your smartphone or your home computer. You then click a button and find out where they are within minutes.

Tracking stolen or lost mobile phones
In the unfortunate incident of your phone getting lost or stolen, this service can be very useful in helping you recover your cell phone. Once you have activated the program, you can trace the phone, as long as you have an account – even if you are doing the searching from another device. The support that you get from the team is impressive, and you can reach them at

Other features that can assist you include locking the phone (this prevents use by another unauthorized individual), displaying your contact information so that a finder can get in touch with you, and calling it so that it rings if it is nearby. You can also remotely delete all sensitive information, such as messages, emails, and other data.

Doing an emergency tracking service
In addition, if you suffer an unfortunate incident such as your child getting lost or going missing, you get lost, or are trying to track a fugitive on the run, it is easy to get them using this GPS software. In fact, the service is also commonly used among law enforcement officers when they are tracking down specific individual or suspects in a case through their phones.

As long as the GPS is accessible or turned on, the location of the person will appear in the map within a few minutes.


It’s illegal
The issue of privacy rights is a very sensitive one, and almost all countries ban the violation of this human right. That ban also extends to tracking of cell phones without the knowledge of the person, even using GPS services – chances are high you will be tempted to violate that law and interfere with the rights of the phone owner.

The invasion of privacy is a serious problem, and can even land you in court. People can take advantage of your information when they see your information through a GPS tracking app. For instance, when they want to break into your home or steal from your bank account, they may access your sensitive information easily or take advantage of your location.
Before you begin to track any phone, make sure to inform yourself of all the legal websites within your area, just in case things fail to turn out the way you expect.

It does not always work in all cases
Getting the app is not always a guarantee that it will operate efficiently. For instance, when the phone is shut off, you cannot track it. In addition, the app will not work accurately if the phone is within an area where these GPS signals cannot reach effectively, such as when it is within a secure area.


The MSniffer tracking app is a worthwhile one to try, as it is easy to download and use – all at no cost. It offers you a chance to keep track of your phone when it gets lost, and you can receive professional support in case you get stuck during the process.