SwarftTech is specialized company in providing technology devices recycling service as well as software optimizing and tweaking. With us highly skilled team of computer scientists and programmers our customers are always getting above average service much higher quality then every of our competition companies are serving.

Now let’s go trough services we provide.

Software Tweaking and Optimization
Do you have some program which uses high level of your CPU performance and memory? Or maybe you are not satisfied with quality of your given application for which you invested high amount of your income and now you want someone to re-code it for you? We are here to provide you best satisfaction for your software usability so you can get hundred percent of it’s performance. We will scan your given application and trough it’s code we will detect any lacks or vulnerabilities it may have, and second part is tweak it so it will work better then before with minimum amounts of burdening your PC’s configuration.

As example we can show you how we managed to tweak one of our customer’s software which is used to hack Facebook/Instagram passwords. Continue reading to see their official website. Before they hired us for help, their FB Hacking app had a lots of reported crashes and many bugs which burdened users computer performance a lot. And after our programmers took it in their hands to optimize it, they fixed all of it’s defects and now is running fast and stable.

However this is just an example or our professional work so we can show you we are capable to tweak any application you want!

Technology equipment recycling
We are also specialized in recycling technology devices and equipment. If you have your old TV or video player you planned to throw away at garbage, do not do it! Simply call us because we buy all old tech devices and machinery and use stated to make new parts for electronic equipment. You see it’s better to recycle then increase garbage. Our environment will live longer this way.

Where to reach us
If you need some of our products you can either message us on our e-mail address or visit our company and order your desired service there.

SwarfTech Ltd.
18 Government Road
Eden, New South Wales 2551
PO BOX 174
Tel: 02 6483 2244