Spark Mail for Android – The New Way to Enjoy Gmail’s Inbox

Gmail Inbox is no more, and people are not exactly thrilled by it. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there who work as well for those who were avid users of Inbox. Google’s recent track record of killing popular services is a concern for many users of core options. Sadly that includes Gmail.

Spark email App Android

The fall of Inbox doesn’t have to because of concern for you. New options are already out there in the market that can help you keep nice and tidy such as Spark for Android. There is a good reason for it: it totally appeals to the Inbox user with a vast number of similar features and new ones to Continue reading →

Are Holographic Smartphones the Way of Future?

Science fiction has always done a good job at showing off how holographic technology could work. A preferred method for communication using that kind of technology on most shows and films consist in a little full body projection of a character transmitting a message to someone else. We have seen it in Star Wars as well as other classics on animation and live action. When the camera maker company RED announced the first ever holographic smart device too many people got a Continue reading →

GPS Phone Tracker MSniffer – Never Lose Your Cell Phone Again!

GPS Phone Tracker AppMobile phones have become a common need for people all around the world, and it is not difficult to see why. They help you keep in touch with your friends and family, make your life easier, and give you easier access to entertainment. The pain of losing your cell phone is therefore something you do not want to experience, because all your important data is in there.

That brings attention to mobile phone trackers, because you might be in need of mobile tracking software for the unfortunate incidents of your phone getting stolen or lost. Among all the apps you can use, the MSniffer cell phone GPS tracker app is among the best technologies you can use – and it is free. What is even better is that you can use it in multiple devices – iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS-X. The main purpose for it is giving its users an accurate mapping system to Continue reading →

How Social Media is Beneficial for Today’s World?

Social Media Influence
Social media has revolutionized the communication world by bringing the entire world under one umbrella. It has, on the contrary, received an equal amount of flak as praise and continues to be loathed by parents especially as they feel it has created an environment of constant distraction. This is, however, not completely true as the intentions of its construction were completely different and were meant to help the people in a number of Continue reading →

The Best 5 Antivirus Programs You Can Get in 2018

Best Antivirus SoftwareAn antivirus has become an essential part of your software that you must keep active at all times to keep your data protected. It doesn’t matter how much of a safe user you think you are, everyone it’s exposed at some point to online attacks. It’s sad to admit it, but the Internet is not a safe place. While many companies build state of art security to make sure that everyone can safely handle their funds and information, many shady people are lurking a Continue reading →

Top 5 Unlocked Smartphones to Use when You Travel

Smartphones stopped being a novelty a long time ago. Nowadays these devices are perceived as a necessity by many people around the world. Big companies have been forced to change their business model since their customers started to fight back regional lockouts by buying unlocked devices from independent retailers. No longer good prices tied to longstanding contracts where attractive anymore.

Although the big names in the cell phone manufacturing industry are located in Asia and America, and all of them sell their products all over the world, the service providers that make their profits on the communicational service provided are still region-based. Most of them understand now that having their users able to Continue reading →

How the New Windows 10 Update of 2018 Causing a Bug in Intel’s Latest Graphics Drivers?

A series of problems are currently plaguing Window 10 users, as the latest updated aimed to enhance the performance of graphics drivers is affecting personal computers using 6th generation Skylake or newer Intel processors. The firmware has also caused a series of downgrades on audio drivers on the powerful hardware used for gaming. The reports about these issues have been coming since October 8th, and this one seems to be Continue reading →